Climbing school

Holiday stages

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Different kind of stages:

A. Climbing half day

Morning : from 9h00 to 12h00 . Group 6/9 y
Afternoon: from 13h00 to 16h00 .Group 10/17 y

B. Formule climbing + other-activities:

Partnership with  “Les Copains du Sport ” or “Promosport”



Camping in Btuhier


Camping close from the rocks


Way and back from Brussel everyday



Kids lessons

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Kids lessons from 6 to 18.


Initiation = Beginer, I’m starting climbing or i’m not independant enough with the safety (harness, eight knot, belay, …)

Perfectionnement = Improvment, I’m climbing to the top and i’m independant with the safety (techniques and behavior)

= Training, I’m climbing at least 5c, I’m very motivated and of course I’m ok with the safety.

= Only proposed by the teachers to the best climbers of our classes. Going to competition.

Adults lessons

  • Cycle initiation: for everybody that wants to start climbing or that needs to remember the basic safety technics (eight knot, harness, belaying, …)
  • Cycle improving Pour tout ceux qui ont déjà grimpé et qui maîtrise déjà les techniques de sécurité de base (Nœud en huit, mise en place du baudrier et gri gri, assurage,) mais qui n’arrive pas à progresser.
    Apprentissage de gestuelle spécifique, renforcement, conseils techniques, endurance, …
  • Cycle rock Climbing initiation: Pour tout ceux qui grimpe déjà régulièrement en salle et qui veulent découvrir l’escalade en falaise.
    Apprentissage de l’escalade en tête, de l’installation d’une moulinette, moulinette de secours, relais, rappel, …)
    Ces cours se font à l’intérieur à New Rock
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School groups

School year 2023 / 2024 fees:
5,00 €/ h / student
With a minimum of 75€ / h / teacher

maximum student / teacher
6 – 8 years: 8 students
9 – 10 years: 10 students
11 – 12 years: 15 students
13 – 15 years: 20 students
16 years and more: 25 students

This number can be increased if the school sport teacher have a climbing certificate (CATAGSAE, …)

Include in this price: Entrances, New Rock teacher, harness and belay systems.
Not include: Climbing shoes and personal insurance.

Prices only available during the school time table.
Monday 8h30 – 16h30
Tuesday 8h30 – 16h30
Wednesday 8h30 – 13h30
Thursday 8h30 – 16h30
Friday 8h30 – 16h30

You have to book by email at
Give us the dates and hours you would like to book, the supposed number of students, the age of the students and the datas of the sport teacher and of the school.

Cancelation have to be done 48h before the date otherwise we will ask the minimum price of 75€.

By booking, you agree with that.

Birthday party

Come at New Rock to celebrate your kid’s birthday.

2023 / 2024 fees:
1h30 : 160 €
7 to 9 years : maximum 6 children
10 to 11 years : maximum 8 children
From 12 years : 10 children maximum

Possibility of eating a cake at our bar.

Book long time before the birthday date.

Booking MUST be confirmed by the payment of at least 80€

WARNING: Any cancelation made less than one month before the date, won’t be reumbersed.

Private lesson

Private lessons:
2023 / 2024 fees:
70 euros / hours for one or two people. 25 euros for each people more.
You need to book before by email

Business and other groups

You must book before by email.

25€ / people / h (minimum 100€)

Include New Rock’s teacher, entrance, rent of harness and belay systems.

Badge Safe Control (BSC)

The Safe Control Badge (BSC) is a free card issued by the New Rock team of instructors from the age of 12. It certifies that you are capable of managing your own safety during a climbing session in the climbing hall (harness, figure eight knot, belay, partner check).
A passport photo is required to obtain this badge.

Important notes:

♦ The BSC is not an insurance!

♦ The BSC attests to your ability to manage your safety at a given time. It is necessary to continue regular practice in order to maintain mastery of safety techniques. If in doubt about your ability, ask the permanent staff member.

♦ The BSC does not allow you to accompany an unlimited number of beginners.
The following associations are possible.

Even in possession of a BSF, a minor of age cannot come to climb alone without a release of responsibility signed by a parent.

1 entrées non BSC + 1 « assureur non grimpeur » avec BSC.

L’entrée non BSC reste sous la responsabilité de l’assureur non grimpeur.
Celui ci ne peut en aucun cas se retrouver à grimper sur les structures.

1 entrée non BSC + 2 entrées BSC.

Les grimpeurs non confirmés restent sous la responsabilité de grimpeurs BSC

2 à 4 entrées max non BSC + 2 entrées BSC.


 2 enfants <12 ans + 1 « assureur non grimpeur » adulte avec BSC.  Les enfants restent sous la responsabilité de leur accompagnant. Celui-ci ne peut en aucun cas se retrouver à grimper sur les structures.
 1 entrées non BSC + 2 abonnés.  Les grimpeurs non confirmés restent sous la responsabilité des abonnés.
 4 entrées max non BSC + 2 abonnés. Idem

ESA internal rules

Any person participating in a course given by the Auderghem Climbing School undertakes to respect the following points:


1) I will make sure that I have paid my dues before attending the course.

2) I come to the lessons with appropriate equipment (shoes, clothes, …)

3) I arrive on time and I am ready when the class starts.

4) I listen to my instructors

5) I respect others

6) If I don’t have a membership, I don’t climb before or after the lesson.

7) If any of the above points are not respected, the instructor may give a warning.

8) After 3 warnings, a child can be excluded from the course without the possibility of a refund.

9) As a parent, I can watch my child climb, but I do not intervene during the course.

10) Despite the vigilance and professionalism of our instructors, an accident is always possible. By enrolling my child in a climbing course, I accept this risk.

11) If one of our instructors considers that your child, enrolled in the advanced course, does not have the required level, he/she may be placed in a group of a more appropriate level.

12) In case of illness or accident, courses can be refunded or postponed, but only for a period of at least one month.

13) In case of cancellation of a course by the Auderghem Climbing School, the course will be postponed.

14) In the event of cancellation of a course due to force majeure, no refund will be made.


15) For any other cancelation, there won’t be any reimbursment.


1) Any reservation not cancelled more than 48 hours in advance will be charged at the current minimum price.

2) The physical education teachers participate in the course and manage the discipline of their groups.

3) Physical education teachers will ensure that their students have the appropriate equipment.

4) In case of cancellation of a course by the Auderghem Climbing School, the course will not be due.

5) In the event of cancellation of a course due to force majeure, we will not be obliged to reimburse it.

Become Club Alpin Belge member

Become a member of the Belgian Alpine Club and benefit from :

  • Insurance coverage adapted to your activities (club and individual): depending on the category you choose when you join, civil liability for accidents related to climbing on SAE, mountaineering, hiking, caving, canyoning, rock climbing and skiing; reimbursement of search and rescue costs and individual accident insurance, legal defence. (more details on the website:
  • Privileged access to more than 30 natural climbing sites in Belgium and Luxembourg if you choose the “Club Alpin” membership
  • Nearly 1000 days per year of varied activities for 6 to 99 year olds in Belgium and abroad offered by nearly 20 regional circles
  • Discounts in the refuges of other Alpine Clubs (reciprocity in the funds of the refuges: for the members of the “Club Alpin”) and in some sports and mountain shops.
  • The quarterly federal magazine “Ardennes & Alpes” and that of your club.
Full membership fee :
Adult: From 23 years old
Junior: up to and including 22 years 66,00€
“Bel-Indoor” members: from 23 years old 48,00€
Bel-Indoor junior : up to and including 22 years 35,00€


This membership can be taken at the reception of the hall.